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Earth, air, fire, water and sky. The right balance of the elements makes a place pleasurable, a moment memorable and a drink delicious. When it comes to a bar, why trust anything less than the finest serving the finest? The mixologists at Vana Nava Sky are not just bartenders. They serve you up an experience. Chemists, creatives and choreographers, Sky mixologists cut limes and curate local colours. What’s your preference? Let those skilled in the delicate art of mixology take care of it. Indulge your taste buds and your fantasies. Mint, mango and magic. Rum, honey and hibiscus. Let your imagination run wild. Savour those senses. Treat yourself with reimagined classics. Enjoy Sky mixes looking over the ocean. Let your spirits soar like a sparrow.



The mixologists at Vana Nava Sky don’t just mix a cocktail, they make music in a glass. Under the consultancy of Joseph Boroski, experts at the Mixology Bar have refined drinks into a fine art. They’ll handcraft you a bespoke spirit from choicest ingredients. From the prohibition classic, Clover Club for Kissing, to the sunset-inspired Sea Mist Martini, everything here is worthy of a cover shoot with Vogue. Mixology is a detailed chemistry, a craft of poetry, a palette for your palate. The highly-trained team turn kaffir lime sugarcane, crushed green mango and butterfly pea flower into drinks you might otherwise find only in fairy tales. Try a mix of saffron, tonic and fresh ginger and take a ride back in time to the 1930s. But these potions won’t frighten you—they’ll delight you.

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Monday – Saturday 5.00 PM to Midnight
Sunday 9.00 AM to Midnight

Vana Nava Sky

129/129 Petchkasem Road, Nong Gae
Sub-District, Hua Hin District
Prachuapkhirikhan 77110